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Consider introducing a fencing program to your school. Free demonstrations are given to Davis schools. Just contact the DFA Staff.
The DFA is a certified vendor for both Visions, and South Sutter Charter Schools.

Why Fencing?

Fencing is a challenging, and fascinating sport that creates great enthusiasm in students, even the ones who “hate P.E.”

Fencing is a partner sport, which means that no teams are chosen, and it is an equalizing sport, where the fitness and athleticism of a student are not as important as the mental acuity, and focus that a student can demonstrate. No matter the size, shape, or development of the student, fencing is the great equalizer, and all students get to fully participate in fencing bouts.

Fencing promotes aerobic exercise, flexibility, strength, and endurance through its fast-paced action. Students are so engaged with the sport that they often forget that they are exercising, and often afterwards are shocked at how tired they are!

Fencing is an Olympic sport, which has a rich tradition of honor, and culture, in which all students engage. It is also the safest of the Olympic sports, with the lowest incidence rate of accidents of all the medal events.

Fencing and the California State Standards

Fencing is specifically mentioned in the California Physical Education Frameworks as an appropriate sport for students. It is considered one of the “combative” sports.

Fencing also meets 6th-8th grade History and Social Studies standards by providing a glimpse into the evolution of the sport during the Renaissance, allowing students to trace its evolution during that time period.

Language Arts lessons about the classics also come alive as students are able to immerse themselves in the sport that that they are reading about. Fencing brings Shakespeare and other classics to life!