To order equipment through us, follow these simple steps:

1. Size yourself according to the images below:


2. Fill out the form below by inputing your sizes and what equipment you would like to order:

Equipment Order Form

- For special orders, fill in as much information as you can, while using the comments section if necessary. We will call you with a quote for your order and with any questions about said order that we may have.

-Below is an abridged list of the standard equipment you can order from DFA; you may also order special parts from Fencing Post with us, just make sure you provide us the proper information in the form!

Equipment List

3. Save the file and e-mail it to: with the subject of New Order. If you cannot do this for whatever reason, print out the form and submit it to the club.

4. All orders areplaced on the 15th of the month, or on the next working day. Please order by the 10th of the month, so we may review your order and have time to correct or change it if necessary.